Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why should you book your newborn photography session with Tiny Sweethearts Photography?

If you are considering booking a newborn photography session with Tiny Sweethearts by Sharon Ann Photography, thank you very much! As a new parent, you will be wondering what to expect from a newborn photography session. You may have also read some of the recent worrying reports about safety during newborn sessions and be understandably concerned. I have written this blog post which will hopefully put your mind at rest about booking with Tiny Sweethearts by Sharon Ann Photography. I am a member of BANPAS, (The Baby and Newborn Photography Association), SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) and The Guild of Photographers whose members must demonstrate that they are working safely and that they have in place the insurances necessary for business.

I have lots of experience in posing and soothing your precious little ones. I can assure you that I will always put the safety and comfort of your little one above all else in fact, please be prepared for me to refuse to undertake any pose, even one you’ve requested, that I feel may upset your little one or put them at risk. Not all babies will adapt to all poses and I would never make a baby uncomfortable or put them at risk just to get a shot.

As a professional newborn photographer it is my job to know how to soothe a baby and recognise signs which might indicate hunger or discomfort. I ensure cleanliness at all times before, during and after my sessions by regular use of hand sanitiser/hand washing during a session and by washing all blankets  and outfits etc used post session. My studio is heated to a certain temperature, as a young baby is unable to regulate their own body heat. I know how to spot signs that a baby’s circulation has been restricted when placed in a certain pose and much, much more.  Very importantly, as a professional newborn photographer I know how to pose my tiny client’s safely for example, by using composite images, where a few photos taken with baby being carefully supported are expertly merged in post process into a final image where baby appears to be supporting himself.  In any poses where baby is at risk of fall, a ‘spotter’ (someone close by baby supporting where necessary) must be used to ensure safety at all times.

I am constantly investing in additional training and workshops, as I believe it is crucial to keep up with industry standards and ensure safe working practices.
I believe it is very important to provide my clients with as much information as possible. All my booked clients all receive a PDF booklet containing advice about how to best prepare for their newborn session.

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